It is our pleasure and privilege to invite you to participate in the Dermopigmentation World Congress 2018 on November 9-11 in Manila Philippines.

This event will feature a highly interactive and stimulating multidisciplinary program with focus on practical aspects including high impact lectures, video tutorials and live demonstrations.

Delegates will find excellent resources through the program to explore the cutting-edge developments in permanent cosmetics and medical dermopigmentation, while discovering a wide range of new ideas and approaches for the most optimal results in patients.

This congress will be a great opportunity to learn from the best international specialists, to see them on stage, to observe their methods and to interact with them.

This is an exclusive chance to learn tips and tricks from both medical practitioners and dermopigmentation experts to improve safety and ensure that you get the best results in every treatment, and to observe diverse approaches and techniques.

World’s recognized experts will also share essential tips that helped them achieve excellent outcome during their treatments and how to lessen post-treatment complications.

You will learn about Safety and Composition of Anaesthetics and Pigments, Laser Tattoo Removal, Skin Anatomy and Physiology, Skin Types and Colors, Skin Diseases and Allergies, Botox and PMU, Safety Sterilization and Sanitation, Cross Contamination Prevention and Blood Borne Pathogen Control, Best Techniques for Difficult Areas of the Face, Innovations in Cosmetic and Medical Dermopigmentation, Essential Business Skills for Success, The Power of Social Media Marketing, Secrets to Creating Perfectly Shaped Brows, Lifting and Framing the Face thru Professional Eyebrow Shaping, Different Makeup Styles and Latest Trends, Clinical Photography for Aesthetic Practice, and much more.

We look forward to meeting you in November for a truly memorable Dermopigmentation World Congress!


Sincerely yours,

The Congress Team


DON’T MISS THIS EVENT! Discover your chances in the beauty industry -the most profitable and promising career.


1. Get the chance to learn The Latest Trends and Most Advanced Techniques in Permanent Makeup and Medical Dermopigmentation from the World’s Top Industry Experts
2. Plus lots of free workshop on makeup, anti-aging, skin care, slimming and other medical aesthetic procedures
3. Receive 23 international certificates from world-class speakers (for congress VIP attendees)
4. Meet global suppliers and get BIG discounts on products
5. Get up to 50% discount on beauty services (eyebrow microblading, ombre brows, lip tint, scalp tricopigmentation, skin care, slimming, laser, and many more…
6. Enhance your knowledge and learn best practices
7. Expand your knowledge in beauty industry.
8. Learn best practices and advanced solutions from experts and peers
9. Stop by exhibits and partner booth where you’ll see live demonstrations.
10. Get internationally certified and be a globally competent beauty professional
11. Receive advice and tips from top professionals – well renowned experts will provide intensive demonstrations to help you better manage your techniques.
12. Win free intensive masterclasses with certificates from experts all over the world.
13. Save thousands of dollars from tuition fee trainings.
14. Network with your peers. Expand your professional network.
15. Hear the success stories of some PMU artists who made it on top of the PMU industry as they share their experiences from being rug to riches. Meet the young millionaires!
16. Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! Win lots of prizes from sponsors.
17. Party! Party! Manila has the biggest party club in Asia.
18. Ultimate beach vacation: Philippines has the best natural beaches in the world. Plan a trip for a relaxation after the event.
19. Fun and Pleasure: Manila has the best clubs, casinos and resorts
20. Shopping: Metro Manila has more than 100 malls. Make sure you have enough days to enjoy around.



· Spa Owners / Managers

· Aesthetic Clinic Managers

· Cosmetic Surgeons

· Dermatologists / Skin Care Specialists

· Makeup Artists

· Esthetician / Salon Managers

· Beauty Bloggers / Writers

· Beauty Schools / Educators / Trainers

· Beauty Experts / Advisor

· Salon Sales and Marketing Consultant

· Spa / Salon: Hairstylist

· Spa Cosmetologist

· Beauty products manufacturers, distributors and suppliers

· Massage Therapists and Medical Spa Professionals and many more….




1. Eyebrow 3D/ Microblading/ Shading/Feathering

2. Innovative Techniques in Creating Natural Looking Permanent Eyebrow for Men

3. The Art of Shading in Permanent Eyeshadow

4. “Swift Eyeliner” Fast and Precise Permanent Eyeliner in Just ten minutes

5. Areola Dermopigmentation for Aesthetic Purposes

Reconstructive Medical Dermopigmentation of Nipple and Areola after Mastectomy

6. Signature Semi Permanent Korean Brows

7. Signature PhiBrows Technique

8. The Secret Techniques in Creating Semi Permanent Aquarelle Lips

9. KeraLift: The Science of Keratin Infusion in the Art of Lash Lifting

10. Secrets to Creating Perfectly Shaped Brows

11. Lifting and Framing the Face thru Professional Eyebrow Shaping

12. Different Makeup Styles and Latest Trends

13. Combined Techniques: Microblading + Ombre Baltic Brows

14. ” Dolce Blush” for face contouring thru the help of semi permanent blush on.

15. The Secrets to Realistic Scalp Tricopigmentation

16. Semi Permanent Watershine BB Cover: A Master’s Unique and Meticulous Approach to a Naturally Flawless and High-Quality Semi Permanent Full Foundation Coverage

17. “Hollywood Brows” Digital Eyebrow Feathering with Shading: The Master’s Secret to Creating Finest Hair-strokes

18. Tattoo Correction Technique Using Alkaline Permanent Makeup Remover

19. Medical Dermopigmentation: Scar Camouflage Techniques

20. Pain Control in Dermopigmentation: A Guide to Topical Anesthetics and Oral Analgesics

21. Anesthetics: Mechanism of Action, Indication, Efficacy, Potency, Speed of Onset, Duration of Action, Dose and Application, Different Forms and Contents, Adverse Effects, Precautions, Risk and Important Safety Informations

22. Composition, Types and Safety of Permanent Cosmetic Pigment

23. Composition, Safety, Principle and Advantages of Alkaline Pigment Removal

24. Anatomy of the Lips

25. Lip Dermopigmentation and Lip Fillers

26. Anatomy of the Eyelid

27. Eyelid Conditions/Abnormalities and Eyelid Dermopigmentation

28. Brow Anatomy

29. Effects of Botulinum Toxin on Brow Shaping

30. Skin Anatomy

31. Skin Types, Allergies and Diseases

32. Understanding Laser Tattoo Removal

33. Nipple and Areola Anatomy

34. Conditions and Abnormalities of the Nipple-Areolar Complex

35. Safety Sterilization and Sanitation

36. Cross Contamination Prevention

37. Blood-borne Pathogen Control

38. Workstation Set Up

39. Clinical Photography for Aesthetic Practice

40. Plus lots of free workshops on makep, anti-aging, skin care, slimming, and medical aesthetic procedures.






a. Eyebrow- $400 per session 

3 clients a week x $400= $1200/weekly income


b. Lip Dermotint- $600 per session

3 clients a week x $600= $1800 weekly income


c. Scalp Tricopigmentation- $1000 per session

3 clients a week x $1000= $3000 weekly income


d. Eyeliner- $200 per session

3 clients a week = $600 weekly income


e. Areola Pink Dermotint- $800 per session

3 clients a week x $800 = $2400




a. As entrepreneur: Be your own boss

You can set up your own studio to earn unlimited income


b. As PMU artist at aesthetic centers

This career is a high paying job. To apply, you must show to your employer your training certificates as proof of qualification. Most of the time, the quality of training that you’ve attended will determine your value and worth. 




The U.S. survey reports that in 2008 women’s average salaries were at $32,515 and $42,261 respectively. According to the National Committee on Pay Equity, this can be explained by the careers chosen by many. Retail sales, clerical and service work account for over half of all positions held by women, and these jobs tend to be relatively low-paying.

If you are stuck in a job that pays less than you would like, it is never too late to return to school and find a new career. A career in PMU (Permanent Make Up) programs are more flexible than ever, making them ideal for non-traditional learners juggling family time, work and school, or someone that is retired looking for supplemental income.

A career in Permanent Cosmetics and Medical Dermopigmentation are well-paying and extremely lucrative careers that are all accessible to women or men of any age looking for a career change or career enhancement.



1. Permanent makeup is very profitable in today’s economy. Time is money and permanent makeup can command over $400 an hour. When your time is valuable and you need to be a high earner, permanent makeup will give you the luxury of letting you decide on how few or many hours you choose to work. With prices like eyebrows: $400; eyeliner: $300; and lips: $600 — you can see that one procedure a day can bring you a minimum of $7000 a week. Some permanent makeup artists are grossing $1000 daily.

2. How wonderful to be in a career that brings personal achievement. When you have done something to make a person feel whole, it is rewarding in itself. As women age their features can become almost dull with a fading effect. Permanent makeup can give a woman a more youthful appearance. You will receive personal satisfaction when that client is so very grateful for your work.

3. The luxury of time – Being a permanent makeup artist will give you personal freedom. Some artists choose to contract their work out to salons as well as doctor’s offices. With a little creative marketing you can have others sell your service and you simply show up on demand.

4. A recession proof career. Sure people are cutting back but not in the world of beauty. Baby boomers more than ever want to have a youthful appearance and permanent makeup will do the job. Also, for women with busy schedules, permanent make up gives them the ability to spend less time in front of the mirror trying to get those brows and eyeliner on properly.

5. And last but not the least — FUN. What a great way to make a living! Enjoy the wonderful world of beauty and make money at it. ” Enjoy what you do and the money will follow.” Best of all – once you learn this trade you can take it anywhere.

You can redefine yourself and your future. Remember, every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around!




Event Venue: City of Dreams Manila

Address: Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard,
Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines